When Bob Met Woody
The Story of the Young Bob Dylan
written by Gary Golio
illustrated by Marc Burckhardt
Little, Brown
As children and young people, we often look to those we admire as guiding stars on the
journey to become ourselves. Bob Dylan found such a star in Woody Guthrie, and this
changed not only
his life, but the course of modern music history.
When Bob Met Woody is about Bob's early years in Minnesota, his passion for rock and
roll, country, and blues, and his discovery of folk music greats like Leadbelly. Hearing
Odetta's fiery ballads, he traded in his electric guitar for an acoustic, and began playing in
Minneapolis coffeehouses. When a friend turned him on to the songs and singing of
Woody Guthrie, Bob felt like he'd found a home. Learning that Woody was still alive in a
New Jersey hospital, he traveled east during a January snowstorm and soon made his way
to Woody's side. With his first step onto a Greenwich Village stage and the writing of his
"Song to Woody," Bob was on his way to becoming a folk music legend.
* * *
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"All I can do is be me, whoever that is."
Bob Dylan
"Bob floated into this world on waves of sound.
In the city of Duluth, on the shore of Lake Superior, in the cold North Country of Minnesota.
To the music of ships' bells, seagulls' cries, and the rhythm of rumbling freight cars,
young Bob Zimmerman began his life story."

from When Bob Met Woody (Little, Brown)
excerpt copyright Gary Golio, all rights reserved, 2013
cover copyright, Marc Burckhardt, all rights reserved, 2013
* * *
photo: John Cohen